Welcome Ovation Audio!

We are very pleased to include Ovation

Audio as one of our specialty retailers.

Ovation Audio has been around for many years satisfying music lovers and will continue doing so for many years to come, we at CMI are very happy to continue the ProAc tradition with Ovation Audio and their clients who are looking for that "perfectly natural” music reproduction that ProAc is known for!

Welcoming perfectly natural ProAc


We at CMI are very pleased to announce our partnership with ProAc as their new exclusive Canadian distributor.

ProAc loudspeakers are available in a wide array of models and price-points that will be able to find a place in any music lovers system.

ProAc models from the Tablette 10 to K8 and everything in between have the natural ability to convey music in an engaging and satisfying way that really makes you forget all about your hifi system and focus on what’s really important … your music!

We at CMI and our participating dealers invite you to audition the new lineup of ProAc loudspeakers, we think you’ll be as impressed as we are.

Happy listening,

Welcome Portento Audio

Handmade products from Italy ... already a great starting point, add knowledge and creativity with real skill and you are now talking Portento Audio!
These handmade cables are really top notch quality for reasonable prices ... something not that common in this category.
They also have just about every type of analog, digital, power and even headphone cables as well as line conditioners ... all you could need for any system setup you can think of ... and some very novel approaches that work remarkably well too.
We are looking forward to presenting Portento Audio products to Dealers and their clients soon.
Check out their site at portentoaudio.it

Happy listening!


Welcome Norma Audio!

Crown Mountain Imports is very pleased to announce our newest manufacturer for " music first " components, Norma Audio based in Cremona Italy. Norma Audio shares our commitment and passion concerning music reproduction with some of the most elegantly engineered components inside and out ...... all in the service of recreating the musical event with all the audible and emotional cues intact that transport us there ....... easily said yet rarely done!.

With well placed components at very competitive price points one could easily create a most amazing sound-system with Norma Audio as the foundation ..... just add loudspeakers and your favourite music !.
CMI and Norma Audio ..... along with Portento cables, and Track Audio really allows music to communicate with our hearts and souls ...... as it should be! Here's to a great musical journey ........

Important Warranty / Service Information

Crown Mountain Imports provides Authorized Service for all of our manufacturer partners that we exclusively represent within the specified geographic region (Canada).
We honour manufacturer warrantees and provide under warranty service and repair to products that have been purchased from an Authorized Dealer recognized by the Manufacturer / Crown Mountain Imports.
Crown Mountain Imports is pleased to also provide out of warranty service and repair on all of the Manufacturer's products we represent at our regular shop rates. Shipping arrangements (including all costs, insurance etc.) to and from Crown Mountain Imports is the responsibility of the owner.

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