Welcome Albedo pure silver cables.

CMI has been searching for over 5 years now for the perfect cable line to add to our portfolio of exceptional products, our standards are very high and always in the service of music. We are very pleased to announce that we are now the exclusive Canadian distributer for Albedo pure silver connections!
There are very few companies in this controversial section of our industry that actually manufacturer their products from raw materials to finished products, Albedo actually starts with 5n silver ingots and process this into what we believe to be the best signal cables we've heard, all with the consistent quality control that in-house hand-finished manufacturing allows. The proof is always in the reproduction of music, and more so with the varied gear we all have chosen and enjoy, having spent considerable time evaluating Albedo cables with a variety of system components in different configurations, ages and price points before deciding that they in fact offer sonic improvements over still more varied comparison cables from most of the worthwhile manufacturers, and here came the surprise for us ..... Albedo cables not only made audible improvements in most cases they did so at a substantial savings over the competition!
To sum up this introduction for Albedo cables quality, performance, and price across the line, in pure silver or mono-crystal silver, we believe that Albedo connections are by far the best performance value in the market today and we are very proud to represent Albedo pure silver connections here in Canada!

Welcome Norma Audio!

Crown Mountain Imports is very pleased to announce our newest manufacturer for " music first " components, Norma Audio based in Cremona Italy. Norma Audio shares our commitment and passion concerning music reproduction with some of the most elegantly engineered components inside and out ...... all in the service of recreating the musical event with all the audible and emotional cues intact that transport us there ....... easily said yet rarely done!.

With well placed components at very competitive price points one could easily create a most amazing sound-system with Norma Audio as the foundation ..... just add loudspeakers and your favourite music !.
CMI and Norma Audio ..... along with Kudos Audio, Albedo pure silver cables, and Track Audio really allows music to communicate with our hearts and souls ...... as it should be! Here's to a great musical journey ........

Important Warranty / Service Information

Crown Mountain Imports provides Authorized Service for all of our manufacturer partners that we exclusively represent within the specified geographic region (Canada). We honour manufacturer warrantees and provide under warranty service and repair to products that have been purchased from an Authorized Dealer recognized by the Manufacturer / Crown Mountain Imports. Crown Mountain Imports is pleased to also provide out of warranty service and repair on all of the Manufacturer's products we represent at our regular shop rates. Shipping arrangements (including all costs, insurance etc.) to and from Crown Mountain Imports is the responsibility of the owner. .

Welcome Creative Audio!

Crown Mountain Imports is pleased to announce our newest dealer Creative Audio in Winnipeg. We are very excited to have them as our newest business partner! Welcome!

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